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Another Illegal Alien Charged With Rape & Murder: Victim is a School Teacher


In 2004 Kyla Annan was a 28 year old assistant school teacher, a graduate o fthe University of California in Santa Cruz, and a young woman looking forward to becoming a teacher and enjoying a full life with her boyfriend.

The Reno, NV police get a high-five for this one.  They got a tip in January on a 2004 cold case, pursued it and made the arrest.  Sure enough, the perp is an illegal alien.

The boyfriend, prior to her rape and murder, chased away an intruder just 10 days before her death.  It turns out that the man he chased off was one Francisco Merino-Ojeda, an illegal alien.  Francisco learned his lesson from that experience, he waited until the boyfriend wasn’t there, and 10 days later he came back and raped and murdered Annan.

Merino-Ojeda was an illegal alien in 2004 and was still illegal when he was arrested in Southern California last week.

Complicit in the death of this young woman who had such a bright future and the opportunity to positively impact the lives of thousand of young children as a teacher are every politician who supports the idea of open immigration and amnesty for the lawbreakers who have been streaming over our borders for 30 years.

George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and John McCain are at the top of that list.  Coming in just below the big three you’ll find the rest of the Gang of Eight and the current members of Congress who are screaming for amnesty.

If our immigration laws had simply been enforced, had “the dang fence” been built when it was originally signed into law, Kyla Annan would likely be alive today.  She’d likely be a wife, a mother, a teacher.  A valuable, productive member of her community.

Instead, thanks to Francisco Merino-Ojeda and his political enablers, she’s a long buried corpse remembered only by her mom and dad, some close friends, and thankfully, by the Reno Police Department.

RIP Kyla.  Rot in Hell Francisco.


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