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Hillary is a Pathological Liar: Says Reporter of “WaterGate” Fame


Carl Bernstein.  That would be the Bernstein of “Woodward and…”  He wrote a book about Hillary in 2008 called A Woman in Charge.  In the book Bernstein noted that Hillary has always had a “difficult relationship with the truth.”

In plain English that means Hillary is a pathological liar.

Bernstein goes on ad nauseam about how her messy childhood and early years set her up to be a phony.  And a liar.

Apparently she did have a messy, if moneyed, childhood. She’s also led a very privileged and VERY moneyed adulthood.  She’s also spent her adult life surrounded by enablers and enabling her husband.

Bottom line, Hillary’s enablers – Bernstein at the head of the list – may be willing to admit Hillary has “some problems” but they’ll brush them off.  In fact, Hillary Clinton has serious character flaws.  She’s fundamentally dishonest to her very core, and she’s obviously paranoid, we would say to the point of advanced mental illness.

All we have to do is look at the latest chapter in ClintonLies.  Hillary, as Secretary of State, set up her own personal email server.  She says it was so she didn’t have to carry two phones around.  A couple of weeks after that story was floated we found out she carried two phones routinely.

The real story, which she will never admit, was that the private email server served one purpose, and one purpose only.  It gave Hillary the ability to avoid complying with FOIA laws.  And not just for her, but for her closest advisers as well.  They all had email addresses on the Clinton server.

The reason for the private server is simple.  Hillary is paranoid about the public – and especially the Republican version of the public – looking over her shoulder.

This woman is sick.  And the Democrats want her to be President.  That’s the only part of the story that actually makes sense.



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