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Here’s the Icing on the Double Standard Gay Cake


We’ve recently been buried in stories about gay marriage and gay rights and this one is a new twist. The new twist? You can forget about equal rights, because if liberals and gays didn’t have double standards they wouldn’t have any standards at all.

About a year ago a Christian from Castel Rock, CO went into a bakery and ordered two cakes shaped like Bibles. He wanted the cakes to have the image of two grooms holding hands in front of a cross with a red X over them. And he requested Bible verses that condemned homosexuality on the cakes.

The bakery refused the order.

Mr. Jack filed a civil rights action claiming the bakery treated him on equal and denied him goods or services based on his religion. The baker claimed she refused the order because she found the cakes to be “hateful and defensive.”

For starters the news reporter for the story leaves no doubt where she stands. She starts the story with the claim that the baker is simply “standing by her morals.” If this was a story about a Christian baker refusing an order for a homosexual wedding do you think the reporter would start the story in the same fashion? We don’t even.

Of course the Colorado Civil Rights Division found in favor of the baker. As a matter of fact this isn’t the first case involving a bakery at the Colorado Civil Rights Division as heard. Last year they ruled a bakery in Lakewood could NOT refuse to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple. They call that discrimination.

Mr. Jack says he will appeal the decision. We wish him the best, but frankly, we’re not holding our breath.


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