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Guns, Gays, and Religion… same old same old


The other day I read a quote from some Republican who said all’s it takes to win an election is to talk about guns, gays, and religion. Pretty cynical stuff, but on the right side of the ticket, it seems to work way too much.

Rand Paul announced he is running fro President yesterday, God Bless him. He is my pick for the job and I will tell you why in a minute, but I want to rant a while first about why this presidential election is important.


In other words keep the people worked up emotionally so they will vote for us and not pay attention while we rob them blind.

The Democrats do the same thing, keep people worked up about guns, gays and religion, but from the other side of the coin.

Guns, gays and religion are issues, but they are not the problem. The problem is corporate and banking influence using big money to get the elected folks  to do what ever they want them to do.

The problem is a big brother government who thinks they have the right to know everything about you and control every aspect of your life.

The Constitution is not sacred to them and is only seen as a stumbling block to them getting richer and more powerful.


We are at crisis point in this country right now and a golden opportunity has arisen with the presidential election next year.

We can go on fighting over guns, gays and religion and watch the country flush itself down the toilet.

Or we can wake up, get off our high horses and start working with like minded people from whatever political stripe to overthrow the power hungry, money sucking freaks that are running the show now.

Back to Rand Paul. He scares people because he is smart, hard to label and has demonstrated that he is willing to fight for keeping the Constitution as the guiding document of this beautiful . He also speaks out about corruption whenever he finds it which is every day in Washington DC. and willing to introduce legislation to end the greed.

The following is a list of goals from Rand Paul’s  Presidential announcement letter.

Term limits to get rid of the career politicians.

  • Require Congress to read legislation before they actually vote on it—read the bills!
  • Audit the Fed—we deserve to know what’s happening with our money.
  • Pass a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution—no more adding trillions in debt—time to pay it down.
  • Boldly overhaul the tax code—no more loopholes for the biggest corporations with the best lobbyists—give workers a tax cut.
  • Stop Common Core—school choice is the way forward.

Now that is the kind of list that scares the people who think they are running the show and they will do everything they can to see a fellow like Paul is not taken seriously as a presidential candidate.

You can vote for Paul or use this simple formula while choosing a candidate: If the Democratic Party heads and Republican Party heads and the mainstream media is for a particular candidate, be against the candidate. But I am hoping you will take a very close look at Paul, what he has done and what he stands for.

Mount Soledad Cross Controversy

So folks, we can keep fighting about gays, guns, and religion, in other words let the crafty politicians and media gurus keep us divided, and themselves in power.

Or we can get our act together, elect a guy like Rand Paul and restore some dignity and some Constitution to this grand political system of ours.

We also, I believe, need to form a coalition outside the political 2 party system. This may sound like treason but there are many people in the progressive wing of the Democratic Party who are as tired of corporate influence and corruption as you are. Many young people as well, know that they are being had. Paul appeals to these folks because he desires to decriminalize drugs use and is for  personal liberty. Let us swallow our pride and take this country back.




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