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Gay Conservative Warns Against Bullying Christians


Tammy Bruce is a very long-time gay rights advocate.  She also happens to be a solid conservative.

She was on Fox News last week and took a metaphorical axe to the “gay community” over their reaction to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act and their treatment of anybody who disagrees with them.

“For me to turn around in the 21st century and see that this is what we were fighting for, so we could condemn people who are different, and with whom we disagree, is the antithesis of what every civil rights movement was about.”

Tammy is right, it’s the antithesis of civil rights, but it is exactly what the homosexual “rights” movement has morphed into.  A bunch of bullies with exactly no moral argument.  The only thing that “rights” movements have these days is the ability to attempt to – with the help of the major media – shout down those with whom they disagree.

Every “rights” movement today is on the same track.  That includes the vestige of the old civil rights movement of Martin Luther King.  King had a strong moral argument and didn’t rely on personal vindictiveness.  That can’t be said for Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus, etal.  They have no moral argument any more, they have only lies and shouting.

We’ve got a pretty solid idea that we’re not the only people who are fed up with being “bullied.”  Also, unlike the politicians who are supposed to be representing us, we know how to push back.



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