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Wife of NYC Mayor DeBlasio: Being Gay is a Choice – She Should Know…


New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio’s wife Chirlane McCray used to be a lesbian. Then she chose to be hetero. Yep…

The “Gay Community” are Homocrites.. Yeah, we coined a new word today. The “gay community” never let a day go by without accusing somebody of being “homophobic.” A taken that word and clearly ripped it from any reasonable gramatic context. After all, “homo” means “man,” and “phobic” means “to fear.”

We have been accused of being “homophobic” simply because we stand against the basic premises of their movement to normalize deviant behavior.  We are far from afraid of homosexuals, we just happen to believe they are sexual deviants.

On the other hand, like the rest of the Left, the “gay community” is hypocritical about pretty much everything they do.  For instance, they scream that they “just want to be accepted” and take offense at everything that doesn’t agree with 100% of their positions.  The instant that they are disagreed with, as with delivering flowers to a homosexual wedding, or catering in pizza to that event, even though the flower shop or pizza parlor has a long history of serving the “gay community” when they walk through the front door of their shop, charges of “discrimination” fly.

Our word for the day recognizes this behavior, it is “homocritical” an those who practice it are “homocrites.”

Our new word is a blending of “homosexual” and “hypocritical.”  Because that’s what they are:  homosexual hypocrites.

Case in point is New York City Mayor Bill deBlasio’s wife Chirlane McCray.

McCray began self-identifying as a homosexual in 1979 when she was 17.  She made the big time when she published her book, “I AM A LESBIAN.”

McCray, and the “gay community” are being outed as homocrites today because one of their major selling points is that homosexuality is not a matter of choice, it’s “how God made them.”

Remembering that, here’s what McCray had to say about meeting de Blasio.

“I came out at 17. I hadn’t really dated any men. I thought, ‘Whoa, what is this?’ But I also didn’t think, ‘Oh, now I’m attracted to men.’ I was attracted to Bill. He felt like the perfect person for me. For two people who look so different, we have a lot in common. We are a very conventional, unconventional couple.”

That’s the long way around to the fact that after meeting de Blasio she made a choice to leave her homosexual lifestyle and marry the future mayor.  They have two children together.

McCray and the “gay community” are indeed homocrites because they have no problem with McCray walking away from her homosexual lifestyle.  They simply don’t bring it up because she’s a hard core leftist, even for NYC.

We expect to be accused of “homophobia” for this post.  Not because we are afraid of McCray or her “gay community,” rather, because we’re conservative.




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