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FLASH: Latest Polling Results in Iowa & Colorado Show Hillary…


Quinnipiac polling released yesterday morning shows that Hillary – in head-to-head polling – is TRAILING Rand Paul.

We fully understand that it’s really early in the process and that Rand has just announced and he’s had a ton of publicity over the last week.  Please note that Hillary has been losing ground for the last month.

We are on record as saying that Hillary will peak on the day she announces and fall like a rock after that.

Don’t take this as an endorsement of Rand Paul, we have no big issues with him right now, but we’re a long way from endorsing anyone.  This is going to be an interesting primary season.  Republicans have a number of very qualified candidates.  Democrats have Hillary.

Well, we could be convinced to toss the Dead White Cat into the ring as a Democratic candidate.

He’d be better than Hillary.  Heck, he’d be better than any Democrat.  Or Jeb Bush for that matter.  Hey, if Jeb doesn’t get a warm reception – or the reception is too warm – from Republicans, he could run as a Democrat.



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