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Even Andrea Mitchell Knows Hillary is Playing Everybody for a Fool


Andrea Mitchell is a long time Democratic operative with press credentials.  When she’s willing to admit that Hillary is simply using the media, things are tough for the Hillary camp.

“What do you make of this rollout, the Scooby-Doo van going from New York to Iowa, just stopping at it seems random gas stations along the way?”

This is their attempt to show her as the average person, relating to average everyday people as did her video, trying to show she can cross the country,” Mitchell responded, referring to Clinton’s 2016 announcement video.

It’s a deliberate, very well-orchestrated attempt,” she continued. “Everybody in the media are being used in this regard.”

The key word is “attempt.”  In other words, even Mitchell is willing to admit that the “Hillary” in the video, and that the compliant media will be applauding, is a fake of the first order.

A woman who got a $14 million advance for a book that didn’t sell out it’s first printing is not an “average person.”



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