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“Eco Warrior” Leo Dicaprio Flies Private Jet 6 Times in 6 Weeks


To say he’s a hippocrate would really be falling short. Leonardo Dicaprioand his holier-than-thou campaign to “save the environment” is a lie and a fraud.

We wouldn’t know about his flights on private jets from NY to LA and  back if it weren’t for the infamous SONY email hacks made public and who knows how many others this scam-celebrity takes while telling the rest of us how we need to cut back on showers and recycle?

How sick are you of these cretins who only engage in liberal politics to further their career or establish a phony reputation for “caring” for mother earth. What a douche.

leo1Honestly, how can people fall for spoiled little rich brats like this, who pretend to give a damn about anything?

Check this out from The Daily Mail:

He’s a high profile advocate of environmental causes, believes the world must act now to combat the effects of global climate change and is producing documentaries about endangered species.

Now with RadarOnline reporting Friday that he took six private jet flights in just six weeks last year, it may prove hard for the actor to justify the need to avail himself of more than $200,000 worth of private travel between LA and New York in such a short period of time. 

The day before Wikileaks published the collection of hacked documents, DiCaprio tweeted that the fourth and final video that he narrated for the Green World Rising website is now online.

Green World Rising is funded through the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation and one of the things it suggests visitors to the website do is ‘Lighten your carbon load.’

leo2There’s even a handy carbon calculator so people can see just how much their way of life is impacting the planet and therefore can take ‘meaningful action’ to reduce their carbon footprint, at home, at work and at school.

Wikileaks published the complete Sony leak including a searchable database for the 173,132 emails and 30,287 separate documents taken from the studio’s servers last November.

RadarOnline said that several documents relating to Sony corporate travel records show the Titanic and Wolf Of Wall Street star took six private roundtrip private jet flights during April and May 2014.

Whether it’s Al Gore buying several mansions – one on the beach, where rising tides were supposedly going to be death of us all – or this cat hopping around the world making stupid documentaries about carbon footprints – I’m sick of it.




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