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Donald Trump 2016?


Donald Trump is as close to iconic as it gets. His name, his face are all instantly equated with grace, class and wealth. Now, he may be running for President- and we can only hope he will:


While candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio have formally announced they are running for President, the very vocal Donald Trump has been playing coy as to whether he will run or not.

Trump joined “Extra’s” AJ Calloway and promised fans an announcement soon. “You are going to be very pleasantly surprised. We’re going to be announcing something in the not too distant future.” Trump continued, “The country is going to hell, and things are going to change, and people are going to be very happy.”

Trump was also happy to share what he would implement if he were in office. “I would do many things; create a much better healthcare system, because the country has a terrible system, do a lot having to do with the military because our military is becoming weaker and weaker, they’re using old equipment, we have to spend, and I would cut taxes.”

The 68-year-old businessman also shared his thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s candidacy. “She certainly will have a difficult time, it’s not going to be easy for her.”

Trump revealed he has campaign spots in place. “We have people all over, we have people up in New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Iowa.” He continued, “We have a tremendous staff of people.”

You can watch the video HERE.

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H/T: Extra TV


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