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Democrats bribing Democrats not to run….or was it a threat?


Democrats bribing Democrats not to run – or was it a threat?

Just as happened to Democrat candidate for Senate Joe Sestak in 2010, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley has been bribed to stay out of the race, to let Dame Hillary run uncontested during the primary season.

Sestak admitted that a White House official offered him a good job if he would just back out and let Democrat Arlen Specter be the uncontested Democrat in the race for Senate that year.  Sestak ran, won the primary, and then lost to Republican Pat Toomey.  It is generally believed that the bribe was a probable violation of law.

Karl Rove pointed out at the time that if this were true, the White House had committed a felony by this action.  The word then went out that Bill Clinton was the negotiator, and nothing illegal or unethical occurred.  Charles Krauthammer rightly called this response “deceptive”.  He was also correct in predicting that the media would not cover the story.

This week Democrat Governor O’Malley appeared on “This Week” to gain an audience for his probable run for President in the 2106 election.    Shortly thereafter, on the same show, former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm weighed in.  Granholm, by the way, ran the state of Michigan into the ground during her tenure.

Granholm is a top advisor to the Ready for Hillary PAC, so we can assume she is well connected to dame Hillary.  She certainly wants no one messing up the coronation of her favored candidate.  She said the following:  “Martin O’Malley, he’s a very nice guy, and I was thinking he might make a nice member of a President Clinton administration, so he better watch it.”  Say what?  Is that a bribe, Ms. Granholm, or a threat?

She could have simply said with a smile that O’Malley is someone who looks appealing to Hillary for a Cabinet position.  She could have asked him in private if he would like to be in Hillary’s Cabinet instead of causing her to have a Primary opponent.  She could have approached him to be Hillary’s Vice President candidate.


But no.  You are on notice, Governor O’Malley – you better watch it!  Maybe they can sic Huma Abedin on you, just to be more persuasive – if you know what I mean.

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