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Mystery Hero Who Saved Driver From Car Hanging Over Cliff is REVEALED HERE!


He was known only as the “Mystery Hero” – dangerously saving a man from sure death as his car dangled precariously over a canyon cliff in Idaho:

An amazing rescue that was captured on film now has a name for the rescuer – Jason Warnock.

A brave man, thinking of saving others before himself, and went far above and beyond to help the man, probably saving him from a far worse fate. The amazing pictures really do say it all- this was no small feat to accomplish:


Warnock from Clarkston, Washington, has been identified as the good Samaritan who pulled a driver from a car that was dangling off a cliff of an Idaho canyon Wednesday.

Warnock had left the scene before police could identify him. After he was later contacted by authorities, Warnock told police that he had spotted debris in the road and saw the SUV suspended by a chain-link fence.

Warnock attempted to break the window with a multi-tool. He later managed to calm Sitko and convince him to roll down the window.

In an amazing photo, Warnock can be seen pulling him from the vehicle.

Lewiston police contacted Warnock, who told them he spotted debris in the roadway as he was traveling up Bryden Canyon Road. He spotted the 2000 GMC Yukon suspended by a chain-link fence, ran up to the pedestrian foot bridge, climbed above the cliff face and traversed an embankment to reach the vehicle.

After failing to break the passenger window with his Leatherman tool, he was able to calm Sitko and get him to roll down the window so he could pull him out. Warnock told police he was working at the time and was not able to remain at the scene after officers arrived. He also said he was trying to avoid attention, according to police.

The department gave its official thanks to Warnock for helping Sitko and keeping the situation from worsening.

It is amazing when we hear these stories of true bravery and in the spirit of helping your fellow man. He didn’t do this for fame, or for glory, he did it because darnit, you do the right thing sometimes. What a guy! He renews my faith in Good Samaritans on the roadsides of America.

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