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Dad Who Beat His Son’s Rapist Has Some Chilling Words for Him at Sentencing


Raymond Frolander is going to spend the next 25 years in prison for sexually molesting an 11-year-old boy.

Frolander’s case got national publicity when he was arrested, here’s the original story.

As the video notes, dad wasn’t charged in the beating.  Frankly, we doubt he’d have been charged if he killed Frolander.  The overall result, leaving Frolander alive, may end up being worse for Frolander though.

Frolander’s sentencing was last week and he got 25 years.  Dad explained after the sentence was passed why he let this animal live.  “He’s going to learn in the next 25 years why I let him live.”

If he’s not put into protective custody, Frolander won’t live to serve out his sentence.  And, what “life” he has in prison won’t be good.  He can expect to be beaten and raped on a daily basis.  He will most likely end up in PC for that very reason.  Protective custody is no picnic either, it’s typically 23 hours in a 6×9 cell with one hour out.  If Frolander survives that, he’s not likely to be in any sort of mental state to “reintegrate” into society in 2040.



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