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Cringeworthy Teen Craze: Teens Find Painful ‘Trick’ to Getting Fuller Lips & the Results Are…YIKES


All I can say is if my daughter tried this stupid stuff, I would ground her butt for life. Well, maybe 2 weeks. I am glad however, that my daughter has a shred of common sense in her brain that would prevent her from attempting what these idiotic teens are up to:

The latest internet craze is causing people to go to nonsensical lengths for “beauty” by suctioning their lips in small glasses.

Inspired by reality TV star Kylie Jenner, teens from around the world are participating in the #kyliejennerchallenge— using this new “trick” to try and emulate her full and pouty lips.

Fail…on so many levels. Just stop, kids. Being sheeple will get you nowhere in life. Since when do you think fake pouty lips are going to do anything for you? Go do your homework or something….


H/T: IJReview

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