Couple Recieves Award for Doing Something Horrific to Their Own Child

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These people are sick.  Sick.  S.I.C.K.  But they got an “award.”  Something like Barack Obama getting the Nobel Peace Prize for not being George Bush.

There will be no links, no pictures, and no video in this post.  We refuse to give these filth any more publicity, and certainly not any positive publicity.

Here’s the story.

A couple have a baby girl.  They bring her home to her new nursery, swaddled in pink.  She is, of course, the cutest little girl EVER!

One day, they realize she can’t hear.  She goes to the doctor, has implants in her ears and she learns to talk.  It wasn’t long after that when their daughter said, “I’m a boy.”  They thought she was just being a tomboy, or it was a phase, but nope, she kept insisting she was a boy.  Biology be damned.

At about five she was rejecting all things female and one day she said, “Why did God make me like this?”

Her parents sought “professional help.”  They did some research on the internet.  They came to the only conclusion they could come to, their daughter was “transgender.”  Determined to keep their child from becoming a statistic – over 41% of children professionally labeled “transgender” attempt suicide – they decided to wholeheartedly embrace their five year old’s wisdom about her gender.

They are, of course, being invited to celebrate at all sorts of LBGT events.  At a Harvey Milk Breakfast the crowd was left in tears by their presentation.

This, gentle reader, is where today’s “society” is taking us.  “Sexual orientation” is a matter of genetics, so we’re told, but gender is a matter of choice.  Facebook offers you at least 58 choices for “gender.”

The Left, and those who enable them, are actively working to destroy everything that could be considered “traditional.”  Marriage between one man and one woman?  Traditional family structure?  The idea that a job in skilled trades is “honest work”?  Respect for tradition?  Respect for the men and women who put their lives on the line in our military?  Respect for individual liberty and opportunity?

We could go on and on, but you get the idea.

There is not a single Democrat who believes in any of those things.  And yes, we realize that many Democrats have served in the military but they’ve turned their backs on those serving today.  Their support of those who celebrate the “non-traditional” says all you need to know about them.

If a vote were held today in the US House and Senate to honor the parents of this little girl, you can bet they’d get every Democratic vote in both chambers (and likely a few Republicans as well) and our President would have a Rose Garden ceremony to award them a Medal of Freedom.

It’s a sick, sick, society.  And the parents of this little girl are the poster for that sickness.


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