Congressman Schools Illegals on How to Stay Here Illegally

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Rep. Luis Gutierrez’ (D-IL) is offering kits to illegal aliens on his congressional website.  They feature “Do not deport me” cards.  You’ll also find this little gem on the Congressman’s website.

Congressman Gutierrez is basically schooling illegals on what they need to do when President Obama’s unconstitutional rewrite of our immigration laws is taken off hold by the Court of Appeals.

Here’s the handy wallet card that Gutierrez wants every illegal alien to have.

The card is to be used if the illegal alien is arrested or detained by an immigration official.  The point is so the illegal can school the arresting officer on the state of the law today.

We would like to think that somebody would smack down the Congressman for using his Congressional website to enable lawbreakers.  Unfortunately, who might that be?  John Boehner or John McCain?  Don’t thing so.


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