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Congressman Louis Gohmert Wants Dept. of Homeland Security Audited For This Reason:


Congressman Louis Gohmert and twenty-one other members of Congress are demanding that the Government Accountability Office audit the Department of Homeland Security over their unilateral immigration actions in violation of existing immigration law, the Constitution, and a federal court order.

Unfortunately this issue which involves unconstitutional presidential overreach and misappropriation of millions of dollars will die in a Fast and Furious kind of way. Not a violent death like Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens suffered, but the story will simply be left to die. Like the IRS actions that terrorized conservative organizations before the 2012 elections.

The crux of the matter is that apparently US Citizenship and Immigration Services is using money from fees to implement Barack Obama’s executive orders on amnesty.

Here’s part of an interview with Congressman Gohmert discussing the subject.

We appreciate the Congressman’s actions, but this investigation is going to go down a very crowded memory hole. Like previous attempts to investigate the Obama administration, Obama and his cronies will deny everything and block all access to information. Freedom Of Information requests will sit at the bottom of a pile on somebody’s desk for months and then they will be denied. The “press” will ignore the story.

Maybe, if the right Republican is elected in 2016 – and that’s not you Jeb Bush – perhaps a new Justice Department might look down the memory hole. But honestly, we’re not holding our breath for that one either.



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