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CBS News Breaks Out Their Monica Lewinsky Knee Pads for Obama


CBS News is in the tank for Barack Obama. Of course, and less you’ve been living in a cave, you already knew that. But last night’s episode of the CBS fictional series “60 Minutes” provided new evidence of their love affair with our second black president. They broke out there Monica Lewinsky branded kneepads for an episode focusing on Syria.

You’ll recall that Pres. Obama made a number of statements regarding Syrian dictator Assad with reference to chemical weapon use. He noted that if chemical weapons were used in Syria, Assad would have crossed a “Red Line.” No sooner were the words out of Obama’s mouth then the Syrian dictator used Saran gas on his subjects, killing more than 1,400 of them.

Pres. Obama played golf.


But of course, that didn’t make the CBS episode. What the “news professionals” at CBS included was graphic footage of Syrians dying in an August 2013 gas attack. The video included scenes of children dying at the hands of their dictator.

What went missing from the CBS account was any mention of Barack Obama’s “Red Line.” That episode is no longer a part of Barack Obama’s history, at least according to the mavens at CBS.

What they did include was one sentence designed to reinforce the Nobel committee’s decision to give Barack Obama their “Peace Prize.” CBS intoned this classic, “With the threat of airstrikes, President Obama forced Assad to give up his chemical arsenal.”

In fact, if you examine the history, that statement is a bald-faced lie. When Barack Obama got knocked back on his heels by two-bit dictator Russian President Vladimir Putin came to his “rescue.” It was in fact Putin who got the Syrians to stop using chemical weapons. Barack Obama was leading from behind the golf club in his hand.

We’re into the campaign season now and you should not expect the “professionals” at CBS News to lose their kneepads. In fact we expect kneepads will be a major budget line item for all the major news organizations to be used anytime you’re speaking with a Democrat.



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