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Only in California – Man Rapes 3-Year-Old: Judge Reduces His Sentence


We hope there is a special place in hell for California’s Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly. And we hope he finds it quickly. Kelly had me convicted child rapist standing before him facing a mandatory twenty-five year prison sentence. Kelly gave him ten years. Here’s the rationale Kelly used.

A California judge has reduced a child rapist’s mandatory 25-year sentence down to only 10 – saying anything longer would be ‘cruel and unusual punishment’.

Superior Court Judge M. Marc Kelly told an Orange County jury that 20-year-old Kevin Jonas Rojano-Nieto ‘did not intend to harm’ the three-year-old girl he raped at his family home in June.

The judge said that he was sure that although Rojano-Nieto sodomized the girl and covered her mouth so she couldn’t scream out, ‘there was no violence or callous disregard for the victim’s well-being‘.

Here’s the rapist.
And here’s Judge Kelly.

Kelly was convinced that the rapist “inexplicably” became aroused and somehow found that in his arousal this child rapist didn’t appear to intend any harm to the victim who walked into a garage where he was playing video games.

While he was raping little girl he heard her mother calling out for so he did what any concerned and caring child rapist would do. He covered the little girl’s mouth so she couldn’t scream back.

The district attorney is appealing the sentence.

We sincerely hope that no matter how long this child rapist spends in prison he runs into a group of people who don’t appear to intend him any harm on a daily basis.

As for Judge Kelly he should just be happy that we are not related to that little girl.


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