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BREAKING: Barack Obama’s War? – Iran Fires on and Seizes US Cargo Ship


This report is unconfirmed, but comes from Saudi Arabia new services.  It appears as though the Iranian navy has fired on and seized a US cargo ship.

From CNBC…

Al Arabiya, the Saudi news network, initially reported that a A U.S. vessel has been fired on and steered to the Bandar Abbas port by Iran. Iran’s Fars News Agency also reported that an “American trade vessel” had been confiscated.

None of these reports has been independently confirmed by CNBC.

If this is true, it could really throw a monkey wrench into Obama’s Iran Nuclear talks.

Or, he could just say it never happened.

Al Arabiya later reported that a U.S. official has said that no such seizure of a U.S. cargo ship by Iran had actually happened.

Or, he could just say it’s not a big deal.  But the Iranians seem to think it is.

The Iranian news agency Fars reported that Iran had taken control of a US ship and its 34 crew for “trespassing” on its territorial waters.

We’ll keep you up to date on this one.



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