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Apple CEO Who Hates Indiana Christians Does Business in Countries That Execute Gays?


Apple does business with four countries that execute people for being homosexual.

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, is the poster boy for hypocrisy when it comes to gay rights.  He’s going berserk making public statements about how Indiana is trying to discriminate against homosexuals with their Religious Freedom law.

Something very dangerous is happening… because states are passing laws protecting religious freedom.  Which happens to be the central focus of the First Amendment to the Constitution.

Cook, and every elected Democrat in the US, are hyperventilating over Indiana’s new law.  They happen to be wrong on the facts.

Cook may not be aware of this point or others that cut against his argument because reporting on this controversy has been abysmal. Cook may also be unaware that the “wave of legislation” that he fears has largely already happened. A very similar religious-freedom law has been on the federal books for 22 years, and that law itself codified a Supreme Court doctrine that had been in place for most of the previous few decades. Nineteen states besides Indiana have similar laws. The laws don’t seem to be abetting a rising tide of discrimination based on sexual orientation, or based on anything else.

One of those states happens to be the Progressive Fairyland of Connecticut.  Their law is even more “anti-gay” but you won’t hear much about that because CT is a BLUE state.

Where Cook, and Apple, really strike out is right here.  This is Apple’s page where they note the countries where you can buy and use Apple products.

It just so happens that four of those countries,

  • Uganda,
  • Nigeria,
  • Qatar,
  • Saudi Arabia,

Happen to be places where homosexuals are hung by the neck until dead for the crime of being homosexual.  Cook is also proud of the fact that Apple is working overtime to be able to do business in Iran.  Guess what Iran does?

We seriously doubt if Indiana will get there.  Iran, and the four countries listed above, are already there and aren’t likely to be changing anytime soon.

Shame on you Tim Cook.  Shame on you Apple.



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