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‘Anonymous’ Targets Kanye West: “You’re a Pimp and a Bad Parent”


The “hacktivist” group known as Anonymous has hit out at Kanye West in a new YouTube video for the alleged exploitation of his wife, his obsession with fashion and his attacks on various other artists.

A video purportedly released by hacker group Anonymous targets Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian with scathing criticisms.

“You don’t know when it’s appropriate to blurt out your opinions,” a man in a Guy Fawkes mask says during the video. “You always have to steal the moment from others who work equally as hard for their recognition.”

Anonymous told The News that while West is in no physical danger, it is taking a firm stance against his behavior. It hopes to create a “Renaissance era for humanity” later this year by promoting a special line of celebrities that deserve attention.

Occupy_PDX_Anonymous“Send Mr. West our regards and let him know we are watching his behavior,” the group said.

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