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Democrat Bail on Obama’s Disasterous Iran Deal


It’s beginning to look like some Democrats have decided that making America a safer place is more important than Barack Obama and John Kerry’s “legacies.”

It seems as though both Obama and Kerry are hoping that historians will forget their life history and only remember the deal with Iran when books are written.

Personally we even think that is a pretty stupid hope, given that any reasonable commentator understands that the deal currently on the table with the Iranians is a virtual lock on nuclear war at least in the Middle East.

Aside from the obvious problems that this “agreement” with Iran has – see below – from the perspective of law and policy Pres. Obama’s actions are an affront to the Constitution and to the American public.

Sen. Tom Cotton was right he drafted a letter, signed by forty-six other Republicans, addressed the terrorist regime in Iran. According to the United States Constitution treaties must be ratified by a two thirds vote of the United States Senate. The president is refusing to submit any deal for review.

Thanks to Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker it looks like President Barack I is about to get a bipartisan smack down. Corker has legislation pending in the Senate that will require any deal with Iran to be approved by the Senate. Obama has vowed to veto any legislation that requires congressional review. The good news is it looks like there will be enough Democrats on board with Corker’s legislation to override a veto.

The White House is insisting that there is agreement on the basic framework for the deal. We should also remember, especially given Hillary Clinton’s announcement of her presidential candidacy over the weekend, that the United States has real history with frameworks for negotiating the nuclear ambitions of our enemies.

The Obama and Kerry assurances fly in the face of reality. There are five major points of apparent disagreement between White House talking points and Iran’s terrorist government with regard to the framework

Sanctions. Kerry and Obama are insisting that the remaining economic sanctions will be lifted in phases. The Mullahs are insisting that remaining sanctions will be lifted immediately.

 Enrichment. Kerry/Obama say there are “restrictions” on nuclear enrichment for fifteen years, the Mullahs say ten. We would note here that the Iranians have never allowed effective inspections of their enrichment facilities. In addition their major enrichment facility at Fordo, an Iranian military facility, has only recently become public knowledge. We should have no expectation that the Iranians will cooperate any better under this agreement and they have in the past.
Development of advanced centrifuges. The Iranians have been developing advanced centrifuges at their base in Fordo for some time. Obama/Kerry are insisting such development will stop in the Iranians say they are free to continue this development. Please note that the centrifuges under development are not required for the “peaceful use” of nuclear energy. The centrifuges are military and their use should be a red flag to Kerry and Obama.
Apparently the Dynamic Duo are used to thinking about Pres. Obama’s mystical “Red Lines” and are incapable of recognizing a real nightmare when they see it.
Inspections. Kerry and Obama insist that Iran has agreed to surprise inspections, the Mullahs, with a shocked look on their face, are just saying surprise!
Existing enriched uranium stockpiles. Our Dynamic Duo are insisting that Iran’s stockpiled enriched uranium will be shipped out of the country. The Mullahs take on this? “Nope!”
These are not small disagreements like whether or not to have an appetizer before dinner. Of course, everyone should realize by now that the appetizer that both sides agree on is Israel.


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