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Adorable Pup Rescued From a Well by Firefighters


One pup was lucky enough to be saved by some amazing firefighters in California. After falling about 50 feet into an old well casing, the small pup was fished out. More amazing details of his rescue follow:


Fresno Fire Department spokesman Pete Martinez says the puppy dropped into the uncovered metal pipe Tuesday in a Fresno garage. The pipe was about 8 inches in diameter.

The Fresno Bee reports it took firefighters about an hour to recover the dog named Timmy, which appeared to be a shepherd mix and only a few months old.

They lowered a knotted rope into the hole, looped it around the puppy’s legs and torso, and pulled him to safety.

The newspaper reports Timmy was unharmed.

Martinez says the puppy likely was stuck in the hole for a few hours before his family heard him crying.

The pipe has since been covered.

Timmy the pup is doing well, and looks just as gosh-darn cute as ever. His adorable face and amazing rescue will surely bring his owner years of love (and cuteness) to come. How sweet his face is, and hopefully, he won’t get himself into anymore wells again.


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