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75% of Refugees Are on Food Stamps and Welfare


The United States is the destination of choice for refugees from all over the world. We have a long-standing refugee program that relocates people from third world countries who are classified as “refugees” to the US. These people are not illegal aliens, but our question is, why should they all come here.

We are not opposed to allowing some refugees into the country. We are not even opposed to those refugees being allowed to use some form of welfare when they first get here. In fact the case that during the five years of the study approximately 50% of refugee households became self-sufficient.

What the report doesn’t talk about is real numbers, only percentages, so we don’t know how many people come from which regions. It also doesn’t address the number of refugees that go to other countries. We happen to think those two numbers are more important than the data presented in the report.

We like to see Congress that show how many refugees are accepted by European countries. There’s no reason why the US should bear the brunt of the refugee problem in the world.

And we really like to see the numbers of refugees by region, along with the reasons for their refugee status. We would not be prone to objecting to accepting Christian refugees from Africa and the Middle East who are fleeing Muslim butchers.

On the other hand we firmly believe that hell should freeze over before we accept Muslim refugees for any reason. Let them go to Saudi Arabia, or Egypt, or even our new “partners in peace” in Iran.

As we noted, report doesn’t give hard numbers so it’s difficult to draw a firm conclusion. However, given the way government agencies report things we would bet that the real numbers would be cause for concern. After all, “transparency” isn’t a hallmark of government. Any government. But especially our current government.



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