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65-Year-Old Set To Make History by Having Quadruplets: Yikes!!


For your daily dose of WTF, here is a mom who decided at the age of 65 – yes, you read that right, 65 – that her brood of 13 was simply not enough, and she needed IVF to have just a few more- 4, to be exact. Quadruplets..

More crazy details:


Annegret Raunigk is 65-year-old and is expecting new additions to her already large family. Four of them to be exact according to NBC News.

Raunigk is no stranger to the media spotlight for being a mom who’s giving birth later in life. A decade ago, she made headlines when she gave birth to her 13th child at the age of 55. Her daughter had been conceived naturally, without fertility treatments.

This time however, Raunigk did use fertility treatments after her youngest daughter, Lelia, asked for a brother or sister closer to her age, according to NBC News.

She has 12 other siblings from the age of 22 to 44, The Daily Mail reported.

Raunigk is expected to give birth later this summer. So far there have been no complications during the pregnancy, ITV news reported.

The oldest woman on record in the US to give birth is Merryl Fudel, who was 55. A woman who was believed to be 70 was the oldest woman to give birth, according to The Daily Mail.

Uhm, sorry, having a baby at 65 is just not something I am interested in, at all. How is this a good idea, in any way? Best of luck to you, lady – you’ll need it, times four.

The good news? She won’t have to bend down or pick them up to breast feed.


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