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$5,000 Penalty for Hiring Legal Citizens Over Illegals?


When the Obama Administration tells you the current unemployment rate is hovering below 5.5%, they are flat-out lying to you.  They’re not counting everyone – specifically, Americans who are leaving the workforce in droves.

And with the Obama/Jeb Bush amnesty plan, granting millions of work permits to illegals, it’s going to get worse. There will actually be penalties for hiring LEGAL CITIZENS!

Here’s Ted Cruz, explaining why the only people likely to get hired with the amnesty plan are going to be illegals.

The $64 question, or maybe it’s a billion dollar question, is, what about the current version of Obama Amnesty?  Do those tax penalties apply to the illegal aliens that Barack Obama and Jeb Bush want legalized?

We’re willing to bet they do.  We’re willing to bet that Obama and the Democrats planned it that way.  We’re also willing to bet that Jeb Bush, along with the likes of John McCain, are perfectly happy with the arrangement.

We wonder if anyone is ever going to give a damn about American workers?



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