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34 Year-Old Ex Con Rapes and Kills Ex-Girlfriend: Then Eats Her Heart, Lungs and Brain


It’s not a Zombie story, although this nutcase is likely to find out of something other than a shot to the head will kill a Zombie.

Honest, we wouldn’t kid you and do we really need to say **NSFW?

A thirty-four-year-old ex-conduct from parole told police that he stabbed his ex-girlfriend and then ate some of her organs, including her brain.

Joseph Oberhansley was charged with murder and abuse of a corpse last September. New evidence indicates the likely raped her before he killed her and, pending lab evidence, the rape charge will be added to the list.

Prosecutors said they intend to death penalty.

This is the second time around for Oberhansley. In 1998 was convicted of manslaughter for the killing of his seventeen-year-old girlfriend in Salt Lake City. Just days before she had given birth to their son. He served fourteen years in prison and was discharged from parole in July of last year.

On July 31st of last year his new girlfriend was kind enough to post a $500 bail bond to get him out of jail on charges resulting from a car chase with police. Just 41 days after posting his bail she was his dinner.

Police found that the back door had been forced open and inside, officers discovered Blanton dead under a tarpaulin in the blood-spattered bathroom of her home, with fatal injuries to her head, neck and torso.

‘The front of the victim’s skull appeared to have been crushed and brain tissue appeared scattered around the bathtub,’ the affidavit stated.

The statement added that they found a plate covered in blood and bone, as well as bloodied cooking utensils, the Louisville Courier-Journal reported.

When questioned by police, Oberhansley confessed to forcing his way into the bathroom, where Blanton had locked herself, and repeatedly stabbing her.

Oberhansley told police he then used an electric jigsaw to open Blanton’s skull and ate parts of her brain, heart and lungs.

The blade was allegedly recovered from the scene after the grisly death.

A trial date is expected to be set by the end of April.

Unfortunately his execution date will likely be 20 or 30 years in the future.



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