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Woman Arrested for Throwing Molotov Cocktail At People Praying For Life In Front Of Planned Parenthood


A group associated with the pro-life campaign called “40 Days for Life” was holding a peaceful prayer vigil in front of the Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Austin, Texas and they got an unexpected “gift.”

A woman driving by on the street in front of the abortion clinic rolled her window down and threw a Molotov cocktail at the prayer warriors. According to one of the group this is not the first time things have been thrown at them, but this is their first Molotov cocktail.

One of the volunteers who saw the bomb land near the group took matters into her own hands and stomped out the fuse. Police said if the bomb had detonated people could have been seriously injured.

“It had a lit wick, so my first instinct was to back away, then I wasn’t sure what to do,” said Allwein. “I ended up coming over and stamping on it, so it was a little bit nerve-racking. I thought about leaving it alone but then my thought was, ‘What if it explodes, what’s going to happen?’ So I decided it was worth coming back coming back over here and doing something about it.”

Here’s the story from KXAN local news, pay attention to the Planned Parenthood spokesman.

Once again, from Planned Parenthood.

“The health and safety of Planned Parenthood patients and employees is of our most concern. All individuals that are anywhere near or properties we want to remain safe, much like the core value of the city of Austin, we want this community to be safe,” said Ken Lambrecht, President and CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. He said they condemn violence of any sort.

That statement is, to its very core, a lie from the pit of Hell. Planned Parenthood is the only organization on earth where 50% of the people who come through the door of the clinic leave in a trash bag after be cut to pieces by a “doctor.”

The staff at any Planned Parenthood clinic could rationalize working with Joseph Mengele given what they do on a daily basis.

It will be interesting to see what local authorities in very liberal Austin, Texas charge the “prayer bomber” with. We honestly don’t expect her to see much in the way of serious prison time.

We also appreciate the reminder toward the end of the news broadcast that, in fact, God is still in control. He had the right volunteer positioned to see the bomb land in their midst and take action, and after reporting on the act of terrorism against the volunteers more people are now showing up to pray for the unborn.

Our prayers go with them.


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