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Will Ferrell Gets Shot at Majors at MLB Spring Training: John Madden Pissed [VIDEO]


Not everyone was happy that Will Ferrell played in several Major League Baseball Spring Training games this season.

The comedian played in five different Cactus League games Thursday, making appearances on 10 different MLB teams and playing every position on the field.

The stunt was a great opportunity for 10 MLB franchises to spice up a March game that many fans might have otherwise overlooked, and Ferrell was actually playing for a good cause.

Rick Scuteri/USA TODAY Sports

HBO and Funny or Die filmed throughout the day for an upcoming special, and Ferrell told ESPN that he raised close to $1 million dollars to fight cancer.

Not everybody was down with that, though:

John Madden surprisingly ripped Ferrell for disrespecting the game and the players he shared the field with.


“I hate it. That’s a lack of respect. That’s a lack of respect for the game and a [lack of]respect for what players have to do to get where they are.”

Matthew Emmons/USA TODAY Sports

Madden went on to explain that when he was coaching the Raiders, Golden State Warriors star Rick Barry once hoped to suit up for the Raiders in training camp. Madden instructed his players to flatten him.

“I’m in training camp in Santa Rosa. Rick Barry comes walking by and he was playing for the Warriors at that time. He was a friend of Al Davis’ and he said he was going to go in and suit up and go out on the field and practice, to fool Al. I swear this is true. Jack Tatum and George Atkinson walked by and I said, look, if this guy comes out on the field, he’s live bait and I want you to go after him the way you would go after any other player that plays on another team.”





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