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White Cops Harass Unarmed Black Youth – Famous Mom Screams Racism! Video Evidence Surfaces: [WATCH]


We’ve all learned over the past few months that cops, and especially white cops, are RACIST!  To the core.  Hands Up Don’t Shoot!

Glendale, CA cops – WHITE cops – made a traffic stop on the wrong kid a while back.  They profiled a young black man and pulled him over on a charge so bogus they didn’t even write him up. It turns out that his kid has a famous mom.  That’s an oops if you’re a filthy racist cop.  Kinda like getting caught with your pants down.

The mom is Taraji Henson, star of “Empire.”  In Southern California especially, she’s a big voice.  And a big social media voice with a big following too.

Driving while black!  And it turns out the cop apparently isn’t very bright either.  The video recorder on his police car was running and it caught the whole thing in beautiful racist black and white.  This is an edited version of the whole 40 minute video and the full, unedited, version can be seen at the link.

CONTENT WARNING:  You will be shocked by this video and completely understand why she went off on Twitter!

Ummm, oops.  Somebody screwed up.  Thank God for those police dash cams.

In the video, the officer approaches Henson’s son’s Honda and tells him he was stopped for driving through a lighted crosswalk while someone was walking in it. The youth tells the officer he was headed to a friend’s home in Calabasas.

He hands the officer his insurance information and says he has never been arrested. He says his name is Marcell Johnson, and his mother is Taraji P. Henson. Johnson is his father’s last name.

Then the officer asked whether he had anything illegal in his car, and the young man responded that he had marijuana in his backpack, according to the video. He told the officer he has a state-issued medical marijuana license but couldn’t find it.

“I appreciate you being honest with me about the weed. I do appreciate that because I do smell weed,” the officer said.

During the lengthy traffic stop shown on the video, Johnson was searched and told the officer he had Ritalin, a prescription drug used to treat hyperactivity, in his car. He admitted he didn’t have a prescription and that he had gotten the pill from a friend.

“You know you’re not supposed to have that, right?” the officer told him.

Johnson then consented and allowed the officer to search his car. At that point, the officer was joined by two other officers and a police cadet.

For most of the traffic stop, officers searched Johnson’s car for the Ritalin pill, which they never found because he said he may have left it at his friend’s house. They also found hash oil, marijuana and a grinder. The officer found a knife, which they determined was legal.

On the video, he told one of the officers he had smoked marijuana two hours before driving, so a sobriety test was performed. He passed the test.

After checking his car, the officer decided not to cite him for the original infraction because it would have a lasting effect on his driving record. Instead, he cited the young man for possessing marijuana.

“I am not going to give you a citation for running that yellow because that would actually put a moving violation on your driving license, and you are going to have to go to traffic school and all that stuff, so I am helping you by not giving you a violation on it. All I am going to do is take the weed from you,” he said.

The officer told Johnson he could go to court, show proof he has a prescription and probably just pay a fine.

“It felt like this was a little better than the other one,” he said. “I am giving this to you too because you smoked weed about two hours ago …  and a warning if you have Ritalin on you and you’re not supposed to, don’t do it. That’s a big violation and I wouldn’t want to do that to you.”

So much for racism and bad white cops.  Damn.  Al Sharpton could have rallied the troops.  Al Sharpton could have made some big money and he needs it.  There’s that little matter of unpaid taxes.

Before the video came out, mom, since she’s famous, had the opportunity to do a full-racism whine in a magazine interview.

Actress Taraji P. Henson said in a magazine interview that her son was racially profiled and stopped by police on the sprawling campus for having his hands in his pockets.

In an interview with Uptown magazine, the “Empire” star said she was planning to enroll her 20-year-old son, Marcel Henson, into USC before he was stopped by police. But now, Henson said her son will be going to Howard University, her alma mater.

Henson told the magazine she’s “not paying $50K so I can’t sleep at night wondering, ‘Is this the night my son is getting racially profiled on campus?’”

According to the LA Times,

Glendale Police Chief Robert Castro said the racial profile allegations resulted in threats against the department.

But hey, they’re just a bunch of white cops so it’s not a big deal.

Interestingly enough, when the video became public our movie star, racist, mom had her highly paid lawyer write an “apology” for her and she turned it into a media event:

Never let a crisis go to waste.


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