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What is in the Ferguson Police Department files? Shocking Reveal


The Ferguson Police Department and what is in their department files?

That is the question of the day.  As RedState reported: “Even if you read only the parts of the DOJ report that come directly from the files of the FPD, the report paints an incredibly damning picture of the FPD.”

A look at this report, as stated by RedState, shows, among others things, the following problems with what is in the Ferguson Police Department files:

I. The Ferguson Police Department acts almost exclusively as a revenue generation machine for the city, generating ever more revenue, now at 25% of the city’s total revenue.   Police were expected to write more tickets without regard to whether the tickets were justified.  This was one of their primary objectives, and officers were disciplined when they failed to do so.  Score sheets were kept on each officer’s performance.  The city needs to find a different source of revenue.

2)  The Ferguson Police Department habitually uses excessive force.  Based only on police department reports, the actions of the force were in blatant disregard of the Constitution.  Especially terrible is their own reported use of canine attacks and tasers.  They used the tasers to retaliate against anyone who committed “contempt of cop”, who were not totally obedient.

3)  The Ferguson Police Department has utterly failed to supervise its officers’ use of force.  Anyone of rank sergeant or above reviews their own “Use of Force” reports.  This is rather like Hillary Clinton deciding which of her emails are private and which of them belong to the government.

4) The Ferguson Police Department systematically punishes residents of Ferguson for “contempt of cop”   There have been dozens of citations for “failure to obey”, “failure to comply”, “manner of walking”, and “resisting arrest” only by making the police officer irritated.

5) The evidence of racial bias in the administration of justice in Ferguson is overwhelming.  Red State’s editor declares the practices to be destructive to freedom and contrary to our Constitution.  Only because Ferguson’s residents don’t have the funds to prosecute do these actions continue.

He writes: It is possible to condemn unjust and oppressive policing and also the unprovoked murder of police, and it is indicative of societal sickness caused by excessive partisanship that makes us unable to see that.

I encourage you to read his report in full at

Michael Brown’s family had been quoted as asking for no violence.  Following the failure to indict the police officer, his Mother Lesley McSpadden lamented on CNN that “This could be your child.  This could be anybody’s child.”  Actually, Lesley, it would not have been the child of anyone whose children do not break the law, aggressively resist arrest, or shoot at his arresting officer.  Apparently in this district, he might have been tased.  Lesley, one final word: justice WAS done, as the DOJ has declared.  Your son was not always the “gentle giant” after all.

It seems that Eric Holder has a valid argument when he said that his investigation provided a “searing account of unconstitutional police practices in Ferguson”.   It is a shame that because Holder has in the past been untrustworthy in his conduct of seeking justice against African-American-on-white crime, we now question his department’s bias in conducting this investigation.  It is chilling to think that the Department of Justice might insert itself in every case of white-on-African-American crime in America, while ignoring both African-American-on-white crimes and the ever growing cases of African Americans killing each other.

Isn’t it time for cooler heads to address these problems?  What would the people of Ferguson do if all the police just quit, leaving the town with no police presence?    That might be a good experiment, but a costly one.  We hope the new Police Chief creates a new culture in the department.  Their apparent past behavior will make that both a difficult task and a hard sell in the community.  Their actions and practices have endangered police departments across the country, and have put police officers’ lives in danger.




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