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[VIDEO] Rudy Giuliani: “Obama to Blame for Ferguson Police Shootings”


Rudy Giuliani says it’s the President who sets the tone for the nation and Obama has done nothing but motivate race-baiting protests and cop haters and helped stir up the atmosphere that resulted in two cops being shot in Ferguson last week.

We couldn’t agree more and all these race-baiters are guilty.

Rudy GiulianiGiuliani spoke Thursday on WNYM-AM’s “The Answer” with host John Gambling. Giuliani says Obama isn’t addressing the “enormous amount of crime” being committed by blacks.

The White House declined to comment Friday on Giuliani’s remarks.

Giuliani also says Obama should say the kinds of things comedian Bill Cosby used to say before he was accused of sexual assault, which Cosby denies. Cosby often exhorted black people to focus on education and parenting.

Giuliani drew criticism last month for questioning Obama’s love of country. He said Thursday he considers Obama a good family man.

Here’s the Mayor’s appearance on Fox on the same subject:

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