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[ VIDEO] Amazing Dachshund Loses 50 LBS!


Whoa! Maybe not a Guinness World Record holder for largest dog, but this pooch is certainly on the larger side! His incredible story of his weight loss journey will both amaze you AND leave you with no excuse to not get off the couch. Yahoo! Reports:

Back in 2013 he weighed a whopping 56 pounds. Luckily, Dennis was adopted by Brooklyn Burton, of Columbus, Ohio. Her late uncle was his first owner. He was a hoarder who, for years, had been feeding Dennis table food — like White Castle burgers and pizza.

Burton, with the help of Dennis’s veterinarian, who practices at the Ohio State University Veterinary Hospital, helped the 6-year-old get down to a healthy 12 pounds. How did he lose the weight? Dennis was put on a strict diet of dry dog food, given an exercise plan, and had skin-removal surgery, thanks to donations raised through a GoFundMe page. All this came just in the nick of time. The vet said he would not have made it through another month at Burton’s uncle’s house.

Burton told WSYX-TV that Dennis can now can go up and down the steps. “He was never able to do that,” she said, adding, “He thinks he rules the house.”

Watch more on his incredible journey here:

Dachshund Drops Over 40 Pounds in 2 Years After Eliminating Diet of Burgers and Pizza

It’s the little canine that could. Two years ago, Dennis could barely walk a few steps without getting winded. At 56 pounds, he was around five times the size of a normal, healthy dachshund. Now, after losing 75% of his body weight, the weiner dog has found new lease on life. Dennis’ previous owner had been feeding him a steady diet of White Castle burgers and pizza, paying no attention to his excessive growth. It wasn’t until Brooke Burton, a family relative, saw Dennis’ terrible condition, and convinced the owner to give him up. Burton immediately put Dennis on a steady diet of dry food and exercise, along with lots of playtime with her two other rescue dogs.

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