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Victorious Bibi and a Despondent Media


On Tuesday, Benjamin Netanyahu won re-election in Israel, something which please me greatly, and something that has soured President Obama’s mood obviously.

As of Wednesday night in Jerusalem, Bibi still hadn’t received a congratulatory call from Obama, despite the fact that Obama called Morsi — of the infamous Muslim Brotherhood — the day after he became president of Egypt. That speaks volumes of Obama’s disdain for Netanyahu.

obama-netanyahu-2And despite Obama’s attempts to derail the campaign of Netanyahu — an act now under Senate investigation — he won anyway, which must really stick in Obama’s craw.  

But the region and, indeed the world, is now going to remain secure because of this victory. Obama and the media and the Palestinians can go cry in their beer.

What’s stunning, however, is how unable our alleged objective press seems to be in concealing their dismay, bemoaning the alleged “peace deals” supposedly in the works for years. Perhaps the media concentrate on only the moment and are incapable of remembering past events, even if they reported on them personally. Case in point, the Palestinian peace deals with  Yassir Arafat.

In the 1990’s, President Bill Clinton was working on his legacy and believed that obtaining a Palestinian-Israeli peace accord would get him there. He worked closely with Arafat and tried to broker a deal in which Arafat got virtually everything he wanted and more. Netanyahu, who was also Israeli Premier in 1996, would not negotiate with Arafat if his so called Revolving Door Policy continued.

Yet, with everything Clinton promised to Arafat — which included a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip and nearly all of the West Bank, and a capitol in East Jerusalem –he ultimately walked away from any deal that could reached. Why? Because Arafat was the Arab version of Al Sharpton who wanted no solutions because it would end the “struggle”.

Let’s face it, folks. If the Palestinians get a deal they want and end up happy and content, what would the Arabs have left for which to be angry? How would they justify their hatred for Israel?

So all this media talk about “Netanyahu winning and Israel losing” is pure, unadulterated hogwash. If Palestine has a state to call it’s own, Iran will still turn Israel to glass if they get nuclear weapons, along with any such new Palestinian state. So let’s all thank God that Netanyahu won, and will at least be in charge beyond the disaster we currently suffer here in America.

There is still a grown up in charge somewhere.

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