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Univision Reporter Accuses White Man of Racism. What Happens Next Will Make You Cheer


This particular incident happened in 1996, and it just proves that the more things change the more they really stay the same. Racism! It’s the fallback for people who have no argument. It’s the fallback for people who refuse to deal with reality.

This video was taken at pro-illegal immigration rally in the white man in the picture was attacked and beaten by people who support illegal immigration. He was encountered demonstrator at the rally standing up for secure borders and legal immigration.

Before he has a chance to wipe the blood off his face a reporter from Spanish language network Univision shoved a microphone in his face and asked him if he was a racist.

You’re going to love the response.

“Why is it that people who stand up for America, and who want to protect our own borders, why are we always backed up with the racist thing.” The black man standing next to him took up the cause and asked the reporter if in fact she was a racist.

It’s an interesting exchange and please note that the reporter with the microphone immediately back down. That’s what bullies do when they’re confronted with the mighty force of truth.

We need to be doing today what these two fine Americans did to him pushing report twenty years ago, stand up, be polite, and tell the truth. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, and Barack Obama, for starters, have needed pushback like this for decades.

People are actually starting to stand up to this foolishness, witness the restaurant owners and patrons who, last weekend, Threw “Black Brunch” demonstrators who were disrupting patrons meals out onto the street. We expect to see a lot more of that and the nation will be better for it.


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