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UC Irvine Students Slammed For Banning American Flag


University of California at Irvine canceled a student meeting about banning the US flag from a common area on their campus. They cite “viable threats” that would put students, administrators, and faculty at risk.

The threats were not specific and only campus police were involved. Apparently the “threats” didn’t rise to the level of involving real cops. Kind of like the rape accusations made by feminists on campuses.

You’ll recall that a student organization recently and the US flag in the common area in order to avoid causing distress to, among others, illegal aliens attending school at Irvine. When the heat over that decision got so bad that California’s Socialist Legislature started talking about passing laws to keep college students from banning the US flag, the University overrode the students decision.

The students issued a faux apology.

The University of California, and especially at Irvine, has zero credibility. We don’t for a minute believe there was a viable threat. We think this is nothing more than a public relations effort to deflect criticism of the University. If these threats were real there would be local police, FBI, and ATF crawling all over the campus. This would not be a “crisis” that the Obama administration would let go to waste.

We will be more than happy to issue a real threat to the Irvine campus. If we lived in California we would be all over the legislature to stop state funds from being spent at an institution that tolerates this kind of behavior, and probably even teaches it. As it is, since we are not California residents – thankfully, we will be contacting our congressmen and senators to propose that UC Irvine loses their ability to accept Title IV Federal Student Aid.

If these twits choose to not respect their nation, their nation should not respect that. And we certainly shouldn’t make it accessible for them to have access to the kind of education that would lead them to do something like this.


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