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[VIDEO] Treasury Secretary Jack Lew Refuses Answers About Clinton Email


Jack Lew is the United States Sec. of the Treasury. Today you’re going to see him go one-on-one with Representative Sean Duffy from Wisconsin. This is about the biggest mismatch in questions and answers we’ve seen.

Duffy questioned Sec. Lew about his email correspondence with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the time that Lew worked for the State Department. That Jack Lew is a smart guy. He’s been around. He’s more than capable of understanding complicated question and giving a clear answer. We seen him do it.

Which brings us to today.

Duffy’s questions were very straightforward, and very simple. Just about any first grader couldn’t answer them without thinking twice. So we’re wondering why Sec. Lew seemingly reduced to a massive quivering jelly over very simple questions.

The only thing we can come up with is that images of Vince Foster sitting on a park bench could have clouded his thought process.


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