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THIS is What a “War on Women” Looks Like. (It’s Also What Muslim Terrorism Looks Like.)


This is a video record for Democrats so they’ll actually know what a “War on Women” really is.  Of course they won’t accept it because it also involves a Muslim crowd.

This crowd is going beat the the woman to death, throw her in a river, and set her on fire.  She set fire to a Koran.

It’s important to note the uncomfortable truth – for Democrats and people who are actually afraid of Muslims – that this is not some kind of “Islamic terrorist” crowd.  This is a crowd of ordinary, run of the mill Muslims.

Shocking video has emerged of crowds of men repeatedly stamping on the 27-year-old, named only as Farkhunda, near the Shah-e Doh Shamshira shrine and mosque in the heart of Kabul.

At one point, one of the attackers can be seen striking the woman with a piece of wood while another was filmed hurling a brick at her as she lay on the ground.

Some of the men stamped on the victim’s limp body while others could be seen punching and kicking her.

Reports have emerged that her body was then taken to the Kabul river and burned. The mob carried out the lynching after she was accused of setting fire to pages of the Koran.

Again, this is just a group of average, ordinary, Muslims.  Average.  Ordinary.  Muslims.

You might want to watch that video again.  It’s coming here.


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