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This Is Not About Gay Marriage


This quote from Gandhi is a great place to start the discussion about what’s going on in Alabama with regard to the latest in a long series of legal flaps over whether or not non-heterosexual humanoids have the “gay marriage” right-explicitly or implicitly via the U.S. Constitution-to marry each other.

The other thought is whether or not our central ruling authority (a.k.a. the federal government) can pick and choose whether and when it wishes to honor the will of the collective citizenry within each of the some several United states.

ghandiBoth sides are positive that they are on the right side of history…but only one of them can be.


Anyone over the age of 30 already knows how this American Civil Human rights soap opera is going to play out, but having said that… it does provide us with an opportunity to ask some fundamental questions of far greater import than the stale and hyperbolic lamentations of people clinging to the so-called “sanctity” of a thing that stopped being a social or moral imperative the day the government made divorces easier to get than sunburns.

If you take emotion out of this issue, and out of so many other issues that have become more about who has the most money or who makes the most noise and focus solely on the practical matter at hand, it is easy to see that what has been gained by growth of the federal government is the very Leviathan that Hobbes warned of over 300 years ago. There is no need to look down the altar at who is standing in front of a JP to consider the merits of my argument here; consider the states that voted against seatbelt laws, and ask whether the federal government withheld their cut of federal highway funds until a seat belt law was enacted. Consider the laws that have been passed by a few of the some several states, demanding adequate proof of identity before being allowed to enter a voting booth, and ask yourselves how many of them have subsequently been sued by the federal government and their laws overturned. And… lest we forget, there’s that whole illegal status thing… and budding weed movement (see what I did there? 😉 ) that now some of us are starting to embrace as well. Consider these, ask yourselves-will the feds in every case honor the will of the individual states or will they pick and choose which state level initiatives they are willing to tolerate in order to keep for expand their level of centralized power.

I’m pretty sure I know what your answer will be; there are far too many victim classes out there, ripe for the federal harvest (and the potentially huge dollars they can appropriate for the federal coffers) to worry overmuch about silly little things like Constitutional laws.

I am certainly no constitutional scholar and, as such, I won’t bother with an additional 1000 words here on the merits of what is-or soon will become-“the United States v. State of Alabama” but I think it’s safe to say that the 2% or 3% of us that demand rights to things the other 97% or 98% of us do not want them to have… and the federal government stepping in to make sure they get them all the same… has become the new American Democracy our founders fought so hard to prevent. Next up? Abolish the 10th…maybe the 17th (and a few others) as well…so we can attend to that pesky little “armed citizen” problem we can’t seem to make go away in either the federal OR State legislatures.


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