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THIS is a Reason to Love Sports


This is a story about a high school basketball game.  It’s also a story about what sports ought to be.

One of the things that people who love sports like to stress as a “selling point” for involvement is sports is that it’s supposed to build character.  Honestly, every time we hear that we think about Pedophile State and their pathetic “fans” who care more about their football program than the fact that it was used – for at least a decade – as an instrument for a pedophile to ruin the lives of dozens of children.  And with the full knowledge of the administration.

And then there is the University of North Carolina.  Where the Black Studies Department (or whatever they call it) hosted classes where attendance wasn’t required for an “A” grade to keep their star athletes eligible to play.  Again, this one stretched on for about twenty years with the full knowledge of the administration.

Then there’s the National Felons League. 

And then we find this story.  High school basketball.  A group of great kids who haven’t gotten “character” yet.


These kids, the kids from Gainsville, have likely never experienced anything like that in their lives.  We really hope that night not only stays with them, but we really hope that it happens again.  And again.


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