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American Flag Banned at University of California for “Inclusiveness”


Here’s what you can expect your kids to be exposed to at the University of California campus, where students have voted to ban the American flag:

In fairness to the University of California, this crap goes on at virtually every university campus in the United States. That’s why a college “education” that costs well over $100,000 isn’t even the equivalent of a high school education thirty years ago. And if you look at the tests that were given to pass from the eighth grade into high school in the early 1900s a bachelors degree from the University of California isn’t even close to the education that these kids great-grandparents got.

The language of the bill that banned all flags from the University of California Irvine makes the claim that flags “construct cultural mythologies and narratives that in turn charge nationalistic sentiments.”

They go on, in language that could only be assembled by empty headed academics, to say “flags construct paradigms of conformity and sets homogenized standards for others to obtain which in this country typically are idealized as freedom, equality, and democracy.”


Let’s not kid ourselves. This tripe, authored by the Social Ecology Representative, is aimed solely and completely at the flag of the United States and at the traditional values of this country. We have no doubt that these children would be more than happy to fly the flag of ISIS, Hamas, Hezbollah, or the Palestinians, in their common area.

And what the hell is a “Social Ecology Representative?”

The idiots that wrote this screed are also ignorant of history. There charge that the American flag has “been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism” is simply a lie. The United States has sent men at arms to defend the freedom of other nations and we have never asked for anything other than enough land to bury our dead.

Students at the University of California, at least those who are not military veterans, are not fit to wipe the boots of the men and women who put their lives on the line so that these fools can publicly display their stupidity.

It’s long past time to eliminate Federal Student Aid and cut off student loans that are becoming less and less likely to be repaid.


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