There Are Hidden Treasures, and Then There Are HIDDEN TREASURES!

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Really.  Hidden treasures.  And they’re just waiting to be found.

Have you ever had a dream where you’d been transported to a magical place where the clock stopped and you were surrounded by an eternity?  If you haven’t figured it out, we’re out of words to describe what’s about to follow.

Short story, a photographer was wandering around the country side in Portugal and came across a barn.  He asked the owner of the barn if he could look around and was told, “sure.”  He peeked in a window and what he saw took his breath away.

Here’s the barn.

And, here’s the first peek.

Cars.  Old cars.  Lots and lots of old cars.  And they’re in very good condition.  Certainly better condition than anybody running around Portugal – or anywhere else – who was born the same year as many of these cars.

They’re just a little dusty.  But under the dust they’re almost the equivalent of

A 1964ish Porsche 356.  In our humble opinion, the most beautiful automobile ever made.

A white one.  It was our first love.

How about a gorgeous little Italian number.

Cars with big steering wheels, that is what passed for “power steering” when these cars were made.

Take a look at this sweet roadster and close your eyes.  Now think about back when you had hair, putting the top down on a beautiful spring day, driving over to pick up that lovely girl who you thought would never be seen with you.  You’re going on a picnic.

Of course, you’d wash it first.

And they just go on forever.

And ever…

Hey, when was the last time you saw an open wheeled race car?  Yeah, us too.

One hundred and eighty cars in that barn.  Nobody knows what they’re worth, mostly because they’re not for sale.  At any price.

It seems a local dealer, 30 years ago, stored the cars in the barn.  Actually, left the cars in the barn.  Told the owner of the barn they weren’t for sale.  And they’re still not for sale.  And the owner swore the photographer to secrecy so we don’t know where the cars are.

This weekend, we’ve cleared our calendar.  We’re out on the patio with our laptop.  We’re hacking in the National Security Agency computers that run the surveillance satellites over Portugal.  We’re gonna find the barn.

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