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The Oxford University Pork Nazi: No Pork For You!


Jerry Seinfeld had his Soup Nazi. And now Oxford University has their pork Nazi. We are not kidding.

Oxford University Press is the largest university. It turns out they may also be one of the largest practitioners of censorship in the world. They have actually warned their authors, who are by and large academics, to avoid mentioning pigs or anything that could be perceived as pork. Really.

Their excuse is that they need to make their books available to “the widest possible audience.”

Given that the people most likely to be offended by references to pork our people who for the most part can’t read, we question their pathetic comment. We are pretty sure that Oxford University Press is just trying to get ahead of the curve of Muslim appeasement. Of course, a move like this will help them keep their heads.

The fact that the Press included “Jews” in their announcement is simply proof of the anti-Semitism that is so rife in virtually every university setting in the West. A spokesperson for the Jewish Leadership Counsel said, “Jewish law prohibits eating pork, not the mention of the word, or the animal from which it derives.”

You’re probably thinking, “this could never happen here!” It already is.

Muslim communities in the US are beginning to push for recognition of Sharia Law right here in the United States. This lawsuit against Costco is not unique and you can expect it to be repeated over and over again.


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