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The Next Cop That Pulls You Over and Points a Gun May Be an Illegal Alien


Unfortunately, you read that right.  Police departments across the US are debating whether to hire illegal aliens with Obama amnesty work permits.  A cop who can barely speak English.  Who may write out your speeding ticket in Spanish.  What could go wrong?

Currently most police departments require US citizenship, although some will consider applicants with green cards and legal immigration status.

There are several arguments in favor of expanding hiring of law enforcement personnel.  The prime arguments include need and diversity.

With respect to need, some agencies struggle to fill open positions in remote locations.

Colorado State Patrol Sgt. Justin Mullins said the department usually struggles to fill trooper positions in less populous corners of the state, including patrol sectors high up in the mountains. He said immigrants from Canada, the Bahamas, the United Kingdom, Mexico and Central America who are willing to live in those remote places have helped the agency fill those vacancies.

With respect to diversity,

With more immigrants moving to places far from the southern border or away from traditional immigrant magnets like New York City or Miami, agency leaders say it’s important to have a more diverse police force to communicate with those immigrants and understand their culture. Bruce Bovat, deputy chief of operations in Burlington, said their immigrant officers help the agency be more “reflective of the community we serve.”

In other words, we’re turning into a society that rejects one of the foundational concepts of our nation:  E Plurbis Unum.  Out of many, one.  The immigration that built this land from a place of potential, to the greatest nation in history was based on people who came to America to be Americans.  Yes, they were “Irish-Americans” or “Italian-Americans,” but they were Americans first.  They worked to become Americans.  They learned English.  They didn’t forget or renounce their heritage, they simply moved on to a better place to build a heritage for themselves and their children.

Today’s immigrants come not with a sense of thankfulness, rather they come with a sense of entitlement.  They are told they are entitled to the best America has to offer and they don’t have to bother to become Americans to have it.

In just the last couple of decades we’ve become a bilingual nation.  In the last couple of decades we’ve turned from celebrating American exceptionalism to celebrating “diversity.”  We’ve become what Al Gore said when he misquoted E Plurbus Unum as, “Out of One, Many.”

Al Gore, and his Democratic Party, have been at the heart of destroying the Founders vision of a great nation and moving to allow illegal aliens who have been unconstitutionally granted work permits through executive amnesty is just one more nail in our coffin.

Open borders advocates insist that there’s nothing wrong with hiring illegals because they had “through criminal background checks, who are meeting the very high standards that we set as a country to stay here.”  That is an out and out lie.  

Documents obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request reveal that the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services abandoned the requirement for background checks late last year to keep up with the flood of amnesty applications sparked by the Obama’s plan.

The documents revealed that USCIS adopted costly “lean and lite” procedures in favor of the more time-consuming required background checks.

In other words, “Background checks?  We don’t need no stinking background checks.”

And you can bet that the Obama administration will soon be offering federal incentives to hire illegals.


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