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Texas County Spends Half Its Budget On Dealing With Bodies of Dead Illegals


Chalk this up to the “Law of Unintended Consequences,” which seems to be the only law the Obama administration consistently follows.

It works like this:  eliminate enforcement of immigration laws, refuse to secure the border, hold out a promise of amnesty for illegal aliens,see a dramatic increase in illegal border crossers AND the result – bodies of dead illegals in the desert.

Here’s Chief Deputy Sheriff Benny Martinez of Brooks County, Texas testifying before Congress on “the problem.”

Since President Obama took office half of the Brooks County Sheriff’s budget is spent picking up dead illegal aliens.  Typically Mexicans.  Not spent keeping Brooks County’s citizens safer.  Or reducing their budget and the cost to their citizens.

We live in Phoenix, we have a more than passing familiarity with the desert.  It is not a friendly place if you’re not properly prepared or you’re lost.  We suspect the dead illegals in Brooks County were both.

We have a couple of suggestions for Brooks County.

First, how about just not picking them up.  The department has spent $700,000 on finding them and disposing of them, so they’re likely not out in the open.  We’re also environmentalists and coyotes gotta eat too.

Second, if the Mexican government doesn’t like our first choice, let them set up an account in a Brooks County bank to pay for the operation.  Looks like works out to about $2,000 per dead illegal.  Put $100,000 in the bank and when the balance drops to $20,000 refill it.

Third, when the White House complains, see above.  This is essentially an “unfunded mandate” on Texas.

Fourth, and this should be done in conjunction with the above, as the Senile Senator from our state said six years ago, “Build the dang fence.”

If you’d like to help the good people of Brooks County out, feel free to add your suggestions in the comments, we’ll make sure they get sent along.



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