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Ted Cruz Says Barack Obama is Angry and VERY DANGEROUS


Ted Cruz says President Obama is filled with so much “anger and defiance,” that the next 20 months “will be very dangerous.”

Obama’s reaction to his ass-kicking in the 2014 midterm election will cause Obama to “executive order after executive order” and that “we will see a degree of lawlessness that exceeds even the last six years,” said Cruz.

At CPAC, he also predicted the world will become a much more dangerous place before Obama leaves office, saying ISIS, the Iranians and Russian President Vladimir Putin, among others, have given every reason they intend to do as much damage as possible because they see Obama as offering no credible deterrent.

Cruz intimated the problem will be enabled by a GOP congressional leadership unwilling to confront Obama on the most important issues and his penchant to rule by executive action. The senator called it a “tough week” in which “GOP leadership joined with (Senate Minority Leader) Harry Reid to pass amnesty.”

The Texan also bemoaned the failure of his fellow GOP members on the Senate Judiciary Committee to reject the nomination of Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder as attorney general.Image result for cruz says obama is angry

Cruz said he was eager to support Lynch after years of Holder’s putting politics above the law.

But, he said, during her answers at her confirmation hearing she brazenly refused to identify any way in which she would differ from Holder in the execution of her duties.

The Harvard Law School graduate was particularly irritated that Lynch found the legal reasoning behind Obama’s amnesty “reasonable.”

Cruz was even further chagrined that Lynch refused to answer if amnesty by executive action could be extended to “all 12 million” illegal immigrants.

The senator noted how previous attorneys general had stood up to presidents such as Nixon and Clinton who had attempted to issue illegal or unconstitutional orders, but Lynch did not seem to be in that same mold.

He said his pleas to fellow committee members fell upon too many deaf ears, despite the fact Holder had committed countless lawless actions and Lynch promised more of the same: “If you vote yes, you can’t complain when Obama grants amnesty to 12 million illegal immigrants, because Lynch will rubber stamp it.”

Cruz said we are now seeing Obama’s true beliefs coming out – and he made the president sound like a toddler throwing a tantrum to defy his parents.

“The president’s reaction, especially to this last election in November, is that he is angry and defiant,” he said. “He is angry at the American people for throwing the Democrats out of power, for retiring Harry Reid and he is reacting with unilateral defiance of the voters and the American people.”

And finally, Cruz added that Obama is “an apologist for radical Islam” who is guilty of “false moral relativism” for suggesting that other religions have from time to time been used as an explanation for murder, war, or terrorism.

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Alex Swoyer interviewed Sen. Ted Cruz at CPAC 2015.


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