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Ted Cruz is a pretty on top of it candidate for President. After all, he did announce first. Not really a shock when he was on liberal “CBS This Morning” that he was asked a stacked question about Obamacare – and came back with an answer like you wouldn’t believe.

TheBlaze reports:

Appearing on “CBS This Morning” Tuesday, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, of Texas, was asked by CBS News correspondent Vladimir Duthiers if he would “take” away the health care of 16 millions of Americans insured under Obamacare if elected president. He seemingly came prepared to field such a question.

“Well, you know, those numbers don’t tell the whole picture,” Cruz responded. “For one thing, the bulk of those numbers are coming from expanded Medicaid. And Medicaid is a program where a lot of people who are on Medicaid are not getting health care. Medicaid is a system that is already overburdened and more and more people are just getting waiting lists and not actually getting health care.”

He continued: “Beyond that, remember six million people had their health insurance canceled because of Obamacare. You are not doing someone a favor is you cancel the health insurance they like, and then force them to buy new health insurance at higher premiums that covers less.”

The Texas senator also said Obamacare is the “single largest job killer” in the United States.

Well said, Senator. Most of America couldn’t agree with you more. Obamacare is a nightmare that we are LITERALLY dying to wake up from. Thank you for acknowledging the broken system, and the courage to run when the chips are down.

Ted Cruz Blitzes the Morning Shows After Big Announcement

It was all Ted Cruz, all the time Tuesday morning as the first major candidate to make 2016 official blitzed the airwaves a day after his big announcement.

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