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Susan Rice Gets Punk’d – Mourns Nigerian Literary Icon Two Years Late: Doesn’t Mention YouTube


Susan Rice is a high-level official of the US government and oestensibly a smart woman. She’s Obama’s National Security Advisor and is really great at saying wahat they tell her to say, including that a YouTube video was responsible for Benghazi. .. Wrong. A lie.

Turns out she’s just not that bright and got Punk’d the other day by an everyday Nigerian email. Aren’t you glad that we have such smart people that are in charge of things like National Security?

Looks like someone got sent an old article and tried to polish it off as a fresh tweet. Pretty silly, considering the public nature of your job- and your Twitter account. Such foolishness.


National Security Advisor Susan Rice shared a heartfelt message on the passing of Nigerian literary icon Chinua Achebe on Monday morning.

The only problem: Achebe died two years ago.

“[T]oday is a somber day in Nigeria, as Chinua Achebe was laid to rest in his native village,” Rice wrote. In a following tweet she added “A giant of African lit., he brought the Continent-and Nigeria, in particular-2 the world. His works left lasting impression on me & my gen.”

In fact, Achebe died in March of 2013 at age 82 in Boston after a brief illness. In May of that year, an elaborate funeral with trumpeters, dancing troupes and scores of dignitaries honored the author in his native Nigeria. He was then buried in his hometown of Ogidi.

Rice deleted the tweets after other users of the social media site pointed out her mistake. She kept other tweets about Nigeria, though, including one calling for free and fair elections that linked to a video of President Obama speaking directly to the Nigerian public.

“As they head to the polls in the coming days, the Nigerian people will, as always, find a friend in the United States,” Rice said.

Before a stint as President Barack Obama’s first ambassador to the United Nations, Rice previously served as assistant secretary of state for African affairs under President Bill Clinton.

Achebe was a harsh critic of corruption in Nigerian government and was often at odds with the country’s president, Goodluck Jonathan, who is currently seeking reelection. Jonathan reportedly wanted to hold a state funeral for the writer but relented in favor of a service in Ogidi.

Perhaps best remembered for his 1958 novel “Things Fall Apart,” Achebe is now considered a titan of African literature. TIME magazine included the novel in its list of the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to 2005 and Achebe was awarded the 2007 Man Booker International Prize.

Achebe was a “freedom fighter,” said the late Nelson Mandela, “in whose company the prison walls fell down.”

He was not, however, buried this week.

Guess his ‘impression’ on you and your ‘gen’ was pretty big, since you missed his death by two years.



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