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Starbucks “Race Together” Attempt at Racial Politics – Now “Toast Together”


Howard Schultz, CEO and Chief White Guilt Tripper for Starbucks tossed in the towel today on his less-than-one-week-old “Race Together” campaign that was supposed to indoctrinate us on “racism.”

Not one to admit defeat, Schultz noted that Starbucks efforts to promote discussion on racial issues “is far from over.”  What Schultz refused to admit when they announced this utterly racist initiative is that Starbucks has no interest in “discussion,” what they want is “indoctrination.”

For us, the best part of Schultz’ “initiative” was discovering that Starbucks avoids black neighborhoods – places like Ferguson and Selma, for instance – like the plague.  Starbucks doesn’t do business in the black community.

15-0317 Starbucks RaceThey don’t give a damn about the economics of being black.  All they want to do is pander to their “I’m consumed by white guilt” crowd of people who think that Starbucks “culture” is worth an extra couple of bucks for a cup of coffee made from burned beans.

Apparently, though he didn’t come right out and say it, Shultz got the message that he’s a racist.

In his announcement that we’re “Toast Together” Schultz noted that Starbucks will be “making efforts to expand into urban neighborhoods” and hire 10,000 “opportunity youth.”  What ever they are.

Starbucks race cupSchultz is nothing but the private sector version of Mike Bloomberg.  A nanny.  Actually, a ninny-nanny.

And, based on the comments on the Yahoo article we’ve referenced, his little foray into politically correct racism will cost him business.

Starbucks Corp head Howard Schultz told employees on Sunday they will no longer be encouraged to write “Race Together” on drinks cups.

Instead, they can write “We at Starbucks are concerned about racial issues, unless we lose business over it – because money in our pockets is waaaaay more important than racial issues.”

Employees are also encouraged to write the phrase ‘Stock Price Together”

Little humor for you there..

We’re really tired of Starbucks, and we’re really tired of Progressive nannys.

Starbucks Baristas Will Stop Writing ‘Race Together’ on Coffee Cups

Starbucks baristas will no longer write “Race Together” on customers’ cups. Initially this was part of the coffee company’s push to get people to discuss diversity frankly. Now the cups are no longer part of the conversation. According to CEO Howard Schultz, they were always “just the catalyst” for the Race Together initiative. The company also teamed up with USA Today to create inserts exploring race in America, which are currently available for free in the newspaper’s print editions at Starbuck’s U.S. stores.


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